Live Commentary
Budget 2021

Welcome to our live Budget 2021 commentary. This will be followed up by further analysis straight after the event on our insights page.
Measures extended

Measures extended

“Areas of the economy still need support and it would seem sensible for a continuation of current measures, rather than brand new schemes – particularly when it looks likely that they will only be guaranteed to run until 30 June. So I would expect a continuation of furlough, grant support and loans to businesses, keep the lower rate of VAT on hospitality businesses, some cashflow measures to support slower payment of tax, universal credit increase of £20/week to continue, business rates holiday and maybe extend the SDLT holiday too. I think the November budget will be more significant for tax measures than this one.”

John Endacott - Tax Partner

Posted: 3/03/21 12:14 PM

Big Question

“The big question is whether quantitative easing (printing money) is going to unravel or will that debt be cancelled – if so then debt levels don’t really look that bad, but to what extent do we need to avoid a run on the pound at any point and in order to do that do they need to improve finances in a traditional sense?”

PKF Francis Clark

Posted: 3/03/21 12:10 PM

Interest rate rises

“Interest rate rises due to inflation caused by servicing our debt by printing money, will have a far bigger impact than any tax rises. If interest rates increase by 1% this adds £25bn to the annual deficit or the equivalent of adding 8% to corporation tax.”

John Endacott - Tax Partner

Posted: 3/03/21 12:00 PM

CF Blog – Deals

Strong deal volumes expected to continue post-Budget

With over 20 deals completing in the past week for the PKF Francis Clark team Andrew Killick reviews what activity could look like post-Budget, and the various factors causing the increase.

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PKF Francis Clark

Posted: 3/03/21 9:04 AM